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Meet a frog whose stomach functions as a womb

A funny picture of a frog looking at a stomach of another frog.

Gastric brooding frog

The Australian gastric brooding frog that incubates its eggs in its stomach is thought to be extinct from the 80's.

The frog has been of scientific interest because its eggs, incubated in its stomach, are “apparently unharmed by digestive juices."

After swallowing fertilized eggs, the young frogs emerged from the mothers mouth after brooding in the mothers stomach for about six weeks.

To prevent her from digesting her young, somehow the stomach stops producing digestive acids and enzymes.

Also during that period she does not eating anything.

As the young frogs grow in the mothers stomach they stretch the stomach to a point where they completely flattened the mothers lung.

Hence, the mother is now forced to breathe through her skin.

Scientists conclude that “something must inhibit the destructive effect of the hydrochloric acid and other enzymes in the frog’s digestive system,” and that such could be valuable in the treatment of human ulcers.

Because of the many benefits that can be derived from learning about the Australian gastric brooding frog, some scientists have teamed up to try to bring this frog back from extinction.

Please watch the video( The gastric-brooding frog:how to bring a species back from the dead) below to learn more about their efforts: