Hen's egg-Why the most useful egg in the bird world?

Picture of chickens and eggs.

Concerning the hen’s egg, scientists Romanoffs in their book The Avian Egg state:

“No other single food of animal origin is eaten and relished by so many peoples the world over; none is served in such a variety of ways. Its popularity is justified not only because it is so easily procured and has so many uses in cookery, but also because it is almost unsurpassed in nutritive excellence.”

Among the ways in which eggs can be served are raw, boiled in their shells, scrambled, baked, poached, deviled and fried.

 And they are used in making omelets, cakes, cookies, pudding, ice cream, eggnog, custard, salads, and so forth.

Nutritionists regard egg yolk as one of the best of proteins.

The yolks abound in minerals such as iron and copper, also in the A, B and D vitamins.

And not to be overlooked are the uses to which eggs are put in medical research.