Meet a bee that cuts leaves to build it's nest

Image of a leafcutter bee.

Leafcutter bee

Bees of the leaf-cutter family take considerable time to locate just the right place to build nests.

It could be a niche in a stone, a hollow in a piece of wood like bamboo, or a burrow in the ground.

Having selected the location, a bee begins her search for suitable leaves from which she cuts neat oval shapes.

She folds each one in half and takes it back to the chosen location.

Collecting sufficient leaves often involves from 20 to 30 trips.

Over the next two days, she collects nectar and pollen, which she brings back and unloads.

When she has stored enough food to see her baby through to adulthood, she lays her egg.

Not content until she has tucked her egg safely in, this conscientious mother bee now goes off to cut perfect circles out of leaves.

With a few of these, she seals in her precious egg.

When the larva hatches, it will enjoy the balanced diet of nectar (carbohydrate) and pollen (protein) provided by its hardworking mother.

After contemplating a such insects, you will realize that even a little knowledge can remove a lot of prejudice against such little creatures.

Maybe you too could take time to enjoy the little creatures. They are everywhere.