Amazing facts about grasshoppers

Picture of a grasshopper.

Grasshoppers have some interesting characteristics—how they jump, how they fly and how they climb.

How they jump?

Picture of grasshopper ready to jump.

How good is their jumping prowess?

They can jump ten times their own height and land about three feet away [0.9 m].

For a human to duplicate that, he would have to leap the height of a six-story building.

Their secret is their very powerful muscles in the hind legs.

They give them the kicking power to accomplish such feats.

Even after our initial jump out of your path, we can make it even harder for you to catch us by using the two pairs of wings all of us possess.

How they fly?

Picture of a grasshopper ready to fly.

The stiff upper wings perform the same function as airplane wings, whereas the more delicate under wings are used as a means of extra propulsion.

Thus, by combining their skills of jumping and flying, they can usually fly far enough away to discourage your pursuit.

How they climb?

Picture of a pair of grasshoppers climbing grass.

Do you find it difficult to climb a greasy pole?

They don’t.

In fact, they can run up a slippery blade of grass with barely a slip.

Minute pads on each foot have tiny hairs that give off a sticky fluid, helping them to get a firm grip on things.

Additionally, each foot is equipped with two strong, spiked hooks that prevent them from slipping back on steep inclines.

Yes, long before humans ever thought of mountain climbing, grasshoppers were well equipped to climb.