Red fox's den and it's family life.

Picture of young foxes.

For the red fox, home may be a little den inside a hollow log, or out among the rocks.

Then again, a woodchuck or badger burrow will serve just fine.

Otherwise, the fox may dig his own underground home.

After mating, Mr. and Mrs. Fox—who may become lifetime partners—settle down to raise a family.

The female fox, or vixen, gives birth to from four to nine pups yearly.

Those young ones cannot “outfox” their mother.

Alan Devoe Marvels & Mysteries of Our Animal World writes:

 “Three fox cubs were playing while their mother eyed them contentedly from their den entrance. Suddenly one of the youngsters started to trot off across the pasture. The vixen stood up, ‘pointed’ with her sharp muzzle in his direction—and stood rigidly still and silent. She made no sound I could hear from where I was hidden, but in a few seconds the cub began to slow down. Turning around, he looked straight at his mother. She kept her gaze on him. As if pulled by an invisible thread, the little fox hurried home.”

In the case of many types of foxes, father, mother and children will begin sleeping mostly out in the open as soon as the pups are old enough to hunt.