Why does an ostrich abandon her eggs when she senses danger?

An ostrrich near her eggs.

Ostrich and her eggs

Ostriches are polygamous and the hens are not overly concerned about their eggs.

These are gathered into a communal nest, but some are left outside.

When ostriches sense danger, they temporarily abandon their eggs or chicks.

Does this imply that an ostrich lack mother instincts?

By no means.

Actually, the seeming neglect of the ostrich works for its preservation.

Those eggs carelessly left outside a nest are sometimes needed to feed new chicks.

When an ostrich abandons its eggs or chicks, this is mean't to distract enemies.

Sometimes ostriches display amazing bravery when doing this.

One ostrich, on seeing an approaching truck, abandoned her chicks and ran toward the vehicle!

She then veered to the side of it with one of her wings sagging, feigning injury.