Why a grizzly bear is not a cold blooded serial killer?

 Grizzly bear.

The grizzly is a dish-faced somber giant who minds his own business and resents intrusion.

He is of tremendous strength and completely fearless of all except man’s high-powered weapons.

Once grizzlies were very numerous, but gradually they have been driven back until now they are almost exclusively restricted to Northwestern Canada and Alaska.

The grizzly is an animal whose bearing is dignified and majestic.

To observe him standing erect upon a mountain ledge calmly surveying his surroundings is a most impressive sight.

Because of his enormous strength, keen-witted escapades and uncanny ability to evade pursuit the grizzly has a reputation as a predator, and for this reason has been ruthlessly hunted and killed on sight.

It is true that grizzlies have been guilty of many depredations, will often act on impulse and have even been inexcusable killers, but usually, and unless surprised or aggravated, they avoid human contact and do not look for trouble.

One deer hunter had been fruitlessly scouting from early morning until late afternoon across rough terrain.

The day was warm, with a golden sun giving distant colors a shimmering glow.

Carefully he stepped out from a screen of trees onto an open ridge to get a better view of the breathtaking beauty of the woodland scene.

All at once he detected a dark spot a short distance to his right.

Focusing his binoculars on it, he was amazed to see a huge grizzly lazily propped up against a big shady fir and looking straight in his direction.

The bear did not move or make a sound; he just looked.

The hunter’s eyes bulged!

Why, this old fellow seemed to enjoy scenery as much as the hunter!

For his own protection only he lowered his glasses to check and ready his rifle.

When he looked up again the bear had gone.

Close examination of the spot later revealed a well-rounded hollow with ample indication that the bear had often been there before.