How a roadrunner is able to run fast?

Picture of a roadrunner.

How fast a roadrunner can run?

Well named is the long-billed, long-legged and long-tailed bird called “roadrunner.”

This member of the cuckoo family prefers to run on its legs rather than fly, although it will take to its wings to cross a canyon.

On the ground it can move along at 15 to 20 miles an hour(or 27-32 KPH)with ease, never seeming to get tired.

The roadrunner is so speedy that if chased, rather than take to wings, it sprints along out of danger.

Avoiding obstacles

Picture of a roadrunner avoiding an obstacle.

An obstacle in its path is no problem, because, if one looms up, the bird scoots around it with ease by the aid of a swing of its tail.

One auto is reported to have chased a roadrunner that dashed along at a speed of 22 miles an hour.

As it runs along it may also suddenly jump a foot or two into the air to snatch an insect tidbit.