Why a hippo is the most dangerous wild animal in Africa?

Picture of a hippo with a wide mouth opened.

Hippo not really a cuddly animal

The Wall Street Journal states:
"If you think the lion or cape buffalo is the most dangerous animal in Africa, think again. It’s the hippopotamus.”
Although cartoons and children’s stories highlight friendly, happy hippos and they are popular as stuffed toys, hippopotamuses are responsible for more deaths in Africa than any other animal.

Guides say that the most dangerous spot on the continent is “between a hippo and its route to the water” and the “next perhaps is between a hippo mother and her calf.”

Although hippos look quite tranquil lounging together near deep mid-river pools, they are quite territorial and are often very aggressive when surprised or challenged.

They are extremely powerful.

A mad hippo can bite a crocodile in two.

And a canoe to pieces.