Why collecting elephant dung may be a lucrative job in future?

Why would anyone in their right mind think of collecting elephant dung?

When neighbors observed Mike Bugara boiling pots of elephant dung in his yard, understandably they were quite worried.

Some thought he was practicing witchcraft, but, in reality, he was making paper.

Mr. Bugara first made paper from banana, maize, and eucalyptus leaves.

But plentiful supplies of high-fiber dung from Kenya’s elephant population got the ardent conservationist wondering about using it to make paper.

He decided that it would be a good way to raise “people’s awareness about the value of keeping the species alive,” reports New Scientist magazine.

Now his elephant-dung paper is being used for invitation cards.

So lets keep this species alive, who knows they might be our only source of affordable paper when our trees become to few to meet our production needs.