Why is there no infidelity among seahorses?


Seahorse fidelity

Oxford zoologist Amanda Vincent discovered that seahorses apparently remain faithful to their mate for life. 

Studying the four-inch [10 cm]-long species Hippocampus whitei off the southeastern coast of Australia.

Dr. Vincent was astonished to find such fidelity among fish.

It was observed that each morning the male waits for his mate at a prearranged place. 

Upon meeting, the sea horses change color and then perform a dance. 

Producing offspring is a shared experience. 

The female lays her eggs and deposits them in a special brood pouch in the male’s tail. 

He then fertilizes them, and they remain in the pouch until birth. 

If a mate dies, the surviving sea horse will bond with only another unpaired sea horse. 

Sadly, survival of these delightful fish is at risk, since millions are captured every year for aquariums and for use in traditional Asian medicine.