Amazing way ant lion captures its prey

Insects Facts
Ant lion.

The ant lion

The ant lion is one insect that uses a pit in dry sand to trap it's prey.

It digs a pit in dry sand; then it hides at the bottom.

Ant lion pit.

Then waits for a meal.

This often requires great patience, but the ant lion has plenty of time.

It waits.

In due time an ant or other small animal wanders too close to the pit and falls into it.

But when falling the victim tries desperately to get out of the pit.

Sometimes it appears that the victim is about on the verge of escaping.

Then the ant lion goes into action.

It uses sand as a kind of tool to halt the escape of its intended victim.

Furiously the ant lion tosses sand into the air.

The falling sand frustrates the insect’s escape and it tumbles to the bottom of the pit.

Ant lion capturing prey.

The captive is given an injection of poison.

Time is allowed for the poison to work and to digest the victim’s body contents.

Then the ant lion sucks the juices of its prey, and the shriveled-up carcass is tossed out of the pit.