How do army ants attack?

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Army ants attack.

Army ants attack

Usually ones attention is generally first called to them by a dense body of insects, so numerous that they blacken the ground, moving rapidly, examining every cranny and underneath everything.

On the flanks, and in advance of the main body, smaller columns then push out. 

These generally first flush the cockroaches, grasshoppers, spiders and other animals

This insects try to flee but in their confusion some of them find themselves caught right into the midst of the main body of the ants.

The insects caught by the army ants are dismembered, and their too bulky bodies bitten to pieces and carried off to the rear and behind the army there are always small columns engaged on this duty.

The moving columns of this ants are composed almost entirely of workers of different sizes, but at intervals larger and lighter colored individuals that often stop, and  sometimes run a little backward, stopping and touching some of the ants with their antennae.

They look like the officers giving orders and directing the march of the column.

What about animals and insects that take cover in trees, are they safe? 

The army usually ants send of exploring parties up the trees, which hunt for nests of insects, and even at times larger animals.

If they find anything of interest, they soon pass on the information to the army ants below, and an infantry is dispatched immediately to pursue, subdue and capture their intended target. 

True some try to escape by taking shelter in hiding places they find, only to be driven out again, or perhaps caught by the advancing army of ants.

Others are chased to the ends of the small twigs, when nothing remaining for them but to leap, and they jump to the ground, only to find their enemies occupying all the ground below.