What giraffes like to eat?

- WATCH VIDEO: Giraffe has a very long tongue. It may reach up to 22 inches. In comparison a human's adult tongue is about 3 inches. But what does the giraffe like to eat with that long tongue? Find out.


What giraffes like to eat?

Giraffes are mainly herbivorous, thus their diet mostly consist of plants. 

But what do giraffes like to eat? 

Acacia tree leaves

There favorite food of choice are the acacia leaves. The acacia tree usually grows in warm climates like Africa and Australia. 

This is why the savanna plains where the giraffe lives, is mainly covered by the acacia trees.

One outstanding feature of the acacia tree is that they have long and sharp thorns. 

This thorns are meant to deter animals from feeding on it. 

However, this is where the giraffe’s long neck and tongue comes in handy. 

They ensure that the giraffe can be able to maneuver around the thorns and reach the leaves. 

Benefits of eating acacia leaves

The major benefits of eating acacia leaves is that it contains a good amount of water. 

This minimizes the need for the giraffe to drink water often. Drinking water for giraffe is a tedious and dangerous process. 

This is when a giraffe is most vulnerable to predators. So the less they have to do it the better.

Dry season diet

A giraffes diet is also affected by what is available. 

During dry season they switch to what is readily available and may even snack on fruits. 

Thus they may eat other plants such as mimosa, myrrh, bush willows and even grass. 

Furthermore, they may also change to other part of plants such as seeds, buds and even branches of trees.

Strange diet needs

Strangely, giraffes on rare occasions may also chew and suck bones of other dead animals when they feel they are lacking certain specific nutrients. 

They use their saliva to dissolve the nutrients and absorb them into their body.

How much can an adult giraffe eat? 

A giraffe can eat up to 34 kilograms of food, however they may need only 15 kilograms to survive.

We hope this information has help you gain a better understanding on what a giraffe feeds on.