Red fox strange food diet habits

A picture of a red fox trying to find food.

Foxes are solitary, nocturnal hunters.

And they are cunning.

For instance, the red fox knows enough to creep silently to within just a few feet of a bird before springing upon it.

Red fox food and diet

Fox foods includes mice and other rodents, birds, insects, frogs, lizards and the like.

They also dine on fruits.

However, red foxes have no aversion to eating an animal they find already dead.

As it is, if a fox has been feasting on some creature and there are leftovers, most species will bury the remains.

The fox returns to the quarry from time to time, eating more of it as he feels the urge.

Since the fox’s food search is most likely to be a nocturnal venture, many a poultry farmer has risen in the morning to find that he has lost a chicken to the red fox.

But well-mended fences will deter this night marauder.

In this cunning hunter’s defense, it can be said that he is an excellent “mousetrap.”

Then, too, during the summertime, the red fox dines extensively on insects and even carrion.