Why the killer whale is the most feared animal in the ocean?

A picture of a killer whale with it's fearsome teeth.

 Killer whale interesting facts that instill fear

“THE appetite of a hog, the cruelty of a wolf, the courage of a bulldog, and the most terrible jaws afloat.” 

That is how one reference work described killer whales.

How big is a killer whale?

Up to 35 feet in length, some weigh 18,000 pounds.

It has some 50 teeth the size of a human’s thumb line their jaws and interlocking like the teeth of a steel trap.

They hunt in packs and attack and devour even huge whales 20 times their size.

Dolphins and seals are swallowed whole.

In one stomach there were the remains of 13 dolphins and 14 seals; in another 32 full-grown seals.

Also on their menu: many kinds of fish, squid, sea birds, sea otter, sometimes sharks and occasionally octopus.

They are totally without fear and approach you immediately, unlike dolphins which are cautious at first before making an approach.

When they see birds or seals on an ice floe, they dive deep and charge upward, crashing into and breaking ice three or four feet thick and spilling their victims into the sea.

They can leap 40 feet through the air, and the National Geographic had a picture showing a whale, with a blow of his tail flukes, hurling a sea lion weighing hundreds of pounds about 30 feet into the air.

They can dive over 1,000 feet deep.

They seem to have no sense of smell, maybe taste, a highly developed sense of touch, no vocal cords, but sounds are made through their blowholes and they hear by receiving vibrations with their lower jaw and ears.

They have highly developed echolocation—in some experiments it has been shown that a whale can find a small plastic ring floating in the water and return it to where it belongs while it has on eye cups blocking it's vision.

It's tremendous power can also be seen when it shoots it's whole body clear out of the water many feet in the air

Killer whales are wonderful. 

They do kill to eat, to live. 

But remember, their victims do the same thing. 

When their appetites are satisfied, they are like overgrown pussycats.