How emperor penguin fathers manifest their unselfish fatherly love?

Emperor penguin fathers love.

Father love

Mother love has been well publicized.

When the spotlight is turned on the emperor penguin, it’s father’s turn.

This biggest of the penguins stands nearly four feet tall.

About April—late fall in their homeland Antarctica—they all assemble in an agreed-upon place.

There they court ashore for about two months.

They live on love, you might say, since they do no eating during this time.

Then the female lays an egg and leaves.

The male rolls the egg onto his feet, covers it over with a slab of his fat, and stands there for two months.

By then, hopefully, Mamma is back from her two-month eating binge with stored-up food for the newly hatched chick.

If she doesn’t show up, Daddy has to cough up the lining of his throat and feed it to his new offspring.

By now he has fasted four months and is 40 percent lighter.

But look at that beautiful baby—it makes it all worthwhile!